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TEMAT: A.I.R. Atos VX + trike

A.I.R. Atos VX + trike 2019/11/12 21:40 #2023964

A.I.R. Atos VX wing with single seat soaring trike for sale

Homebuilt trike complete with electronically retractable landing gear, 4-stroke liquid cooled engine, electric starter, BRS rocket parachute system (expired), instruments, hangar trolleys. Built in 2017,
it has accumulated a total airtime of 160hrs.

The wing is an Atos VX featuring reinforced and longer keel, foot-operated active rudder, reinforced control frame upper tubes, adjustable horizontal stabilizer. Year of build 2006, got a new technora sail in 2010.
I bought it in 2016 and did not fly it the following 1.5 years. The old sail with a repairable damage is also included in the price. I put 160hrs on the wing, however, I have no reliable data available as for its total airtime.
Starting weight limits of the wing are 110-231 kgs.

Fuel economy: below 3 l/hr (depending on speed). Stall speed: 43 km/hrs, V.N.E.: 100 km/hrs. Sink rate is below 1.5 m/sec. Ideal for engine-off thermal soaring, with the help of the rudder it is easy to keep it in the turn and it has
no tendency to slip.

The aircraft is in good condation (minor signs of normal wear), located at Ocseny Airfield (LHOY), Hungary.
Price: 10 000 EUR

Telefon: +36 70 9420554
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